Garbage Tipper Vehicle

A garbage tipper vehicle, also known as a garbage truck or refuse collection vehicle, is a specialized vehicle designed for collecting and transporting solid waste from various sources, such as residential areas, commercial establishments, and industrial sites. These vehicles are equipped with mechanisms to lift and tip waste containers, allowing for efficient waste collection and disposal. Here's more information about garbage tipper vehicles.


Lifting Mechanism

The most distinctive feature of a garbage tipper vehicle is its lifting mechanism. This mechanism can be automated or operated manually to lift waste containers, such as bins or dumpsters, and tip their contents into the truck's storage compartment.

Storage Compartment

The truck is equipped with a storage compartment, often referred to as a hopper or body, where the collected waste is deposited. This compartment is designed to safely contain and transport waste materials.

Lifting Arms or Forks

The lifting mechanism consists of arms, forks, or hydraulic systems that secure and lift waste containers off the ground. This allows for efficient emptying of the containers' contents into the truck.

Compaction (Optional)

Some garbage tipper vehicles are equipped with compaction systems that compress the collected waste, maximizing the truck's capacity and reducing the number of trips required for disposal.


Operators use controls in the truck's cab to operate the lifting mechanism and manage the waste collection process.

Safety Features

Garbage tipper vehicles often include safety features such as warning lights, backup alarms, and interlocks to ensure safe operation.

Operating Process of Garbage Tipper Vehicles



The garbage tipper vehicle approaches the location where waste containers are placed for collection.



The lifting mechanism is operated to secure and lift the waste container, tilting it to empty its contents into the truck's storage compartment.



After emptying the container, the lifting mechanism releases it back onto the ground.


Compaction (Optional)

If the truck is equipped with a compaction system, the waste is compacted to make room for more waste.



The truck transports the collected waste to disposal sites, transfer stations, recycling centers, or landfills.

A garbage truck is a truck specially designed to collect municipal solid waste and transport it to a solid waste treatment facility, such as a landfill, recycling center or transfer station. In Australia they are commonly called rubbish trucks, or garbage trucks, while in the U.K. dustbin lorry , rubbish lorry or bin lorry is commonly used..

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