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At Integerspin Pvt. Ltd, we are more than just a waste management equipment manufacturer. We are pioneers in creating a sustainable future. Our journey began with a vision to transform the way waste is handled, and today, we stand at the forefront of innovation, providing a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions for efficient waste disposal and environmental conservation.

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Vacuum Truck

A vacuum truck is categorized into Liquid Vacuum Truck, Solid Vacuum Truck, Combination Vacuum Truck or Vacuum Truck for Dry & Wet Applications, vacuum tanker, suction truck, Super Sucker, or Vacuum Loader. At Integerspin, our vacuum trucks and tankers are designed to remove and transport hazardous and non-hazardous sludge, liquids, wet products, dry solids, and Municipal waste. Depending on the needs of our customers, we may utilize any of the vacuum trucks.

Vacuum Toilet

Vacuum toilet, which is a type of toilet system that uses vacuum technology to flush waste instead of traditional water-based flushing systems. Vacuum toilets are commonly found in various settings, including airplanes, trains, buses, boats, and certain modern buildings. At Integerspin, we develop our indigenous Vacuum toilet that is capable of saving more than 80% of water as our Vacuum Toilet takes only 500ml to 1 Liter of water per Flush.

Integerspin: At a glance

Our Workshop

A leading manufacturer of vacuum trucks, our factories are dedicated production hubs where cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship converge to create high-performance and innovative vacuum trucks. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, allowing us to meticulously.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Integerspin, customer satisfaction is paramount. We provide comprehensive support throughout your journey with us from selecting the right equipment to after-sales service. Our commitment to quality is evident in our warranty offerings and our willingness to customize solutions to match your specific needs.

Integerspin In Events

Discover groundbreaking wastewater management technology at IFAT 2023 with Integerspin, a leading innovator in the industry. Join us at our exhibition booth as we unveil our latest advancements in water purification, waste treatment, and sustainable infrastructure. Our cutting-edge solutions.


Design concept

To create a design concept and fluid power design etc..

Machine design

Machine design

To create a machine model for manufacturing process.

system design

Control system design

To design the control architect for automation process.

exterior designer

Exterior Design

To create a impressive look for complete systems.



Planning for development.

Finishing commissioning

Finishing & commissioning

The process of assuring that all systems and components of a major piece of equipment,